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Hosted by: Chip Colcord
Genres: Eclectic , Pop , Rock

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What if you could flip on the radio every week and instantly be transported back to another time? The Liquid Frequency Test is the trip you are looking for. Join Chip each week as he takes you back to a mystery date, anywhere from 1965 through 1973, and listen in as music evolves from Beatle pop through Acid rock. Listen in to the clues. Vintage news reports, period advertisements, *new* music news, historical events, it’s all right here on the Liquid Frequency Test!


Liquid Frequency Test — 2 Comments

  1. Was yenning to be a Rock Musician; first band, “Blue Condition” 1966-70, then, Orange Sunshine” 72–73. Digging someone with an even bigger music collection of the period than I have. Well, broader. Love the commercials, and news. Thanks Chip! Rock On…

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