The TGV Productions Instrumental Sampler is a free album featuring various selections from some of our musicians. As well, two music beds that were originally created for The Global Voice Internet Radio station are included, and may be used royalty-free in your productions, provided you give us credit, of course.

There are two ways to obtain the album below.

Download or Listen to Individual Tracks

Below are links to listen to or download the individual tracks in either MP3 or FLAC formats.
To save a track, right-click on the link for the format you want and choose your browser’s equivalent of Save Link As from the menu.

Track NumberSong TitleArtistDownload MP3Download FLAC
1Music Bed: Let's Go!Kelly SapergiaMP3FLAC
2Mind GamesChrissie CochraneMP3FLAC
3Contemplating WhyChrissie CochraneMP3FLAC
4Music Bed: Write On!Kelly SapergiaMP3FLAC
5Smooth and EasyChrissie CochraneMP3FLAC
6Northern LightsKelly SapergiaMP3FLAC
7A Quiet PlaceKelly SapergiaMP3FLAC
8Safe HavenChrissie CochraneMP3FLAC

Download The Complete Album

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We hope you enjoy this free album, and look forward to working with you on your next project.
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