The Global Voice brings together an international team of broadcasters, producers and radio journalists to present for you a wide range of entertaining and informative programs.

Listening Options

Besides using the player at the top of every page, you can listen using the following options. Simply choose the appropriate link for your connection type and player:

Listen on Your PC–Broadband

Listening on Your Mobile device

You can listen to us on most mobile phones (including the iPhone, but not including most Windows Mobile based phones) through:
Moodio .

Listening on the iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch

You can listen to us on the iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch by using a very accessible application called Tunin Radio, available from the Apple Store or the
I-Blink Radio app from Serotek . It’s a free download from the ITunes store.

Direct URL

If you want to listen using a method which requires the direct URL to the stream, such as
Mundu Radio , here it is.

Please note that this URL is for putting into a player, you should not visit this URL in your web browser.

Listen to The Global Voice on your telephone

Simply call either the UK or North America number given below and listen to The Global Voice on your telephone

  • UK: +44 0330-010-2922
  • North America: +1 (804) 220-6540

Please check back soon for more listening options.

The Global Voice now Has a WhatsApp Chat Group!

Do you wish you could voice-chat with your favorite Global Voice program hosts, as well as other listeners? WELL NOW YOU CAN! Join TGV Chat, the new Global Voice group on WhatsApp. Just open the following link on your mobile phone–Android or iOS, install the easy-to-use and accessible WhatsApp application if you don’t have it, join the group, and talk with us!
The Global Voice WatsApp Chat

Request a song to be played on your favorite TGV show; suggest a topic for an upcoming Attitude Test show; meet fellow TGV listeners and make new friends. All this and more awaits you when you join TGV Chat on WhatsApp!

The Attitude Test Now Uses Zoom in place of TeamTalk and Skype

Due to reliability issues with Skype, we have decided to replace both Skype and TeamTalk with an application called Zoom, for live participation on The Attitude Test.

For information about how to download and install Zoom, join us in The Attitude Test meeting room and for details about how to subscribe to The Attitude Test podcast, go to
The Attitude Test Page

TGV Productions

Are you a song writer, a musician, or perhaps a poet who might like their verse set to music? Then TGV Productions can help you in many ways.
Find out more about TGV Productions

The Global Voice Celebrated its Tenth Birthday on Wednesday May 1st, 2019

To celebrate The Global Voice’s 10th anniversary on Wednesday 1st May 2019, starting at 12:00 UTC, we held a 4-hour live birthday celebration show, with each hour hosted by a different presenter.

  • Hour 1 was hosted by Steve Matzura.
  • Hour 2 by Aad Leeflang.
  • Hour 3 by Kelly Sapergia.
  • And, hour 4 by Chrissie Cochrane.

During the 4-hour celebrations, the winners of the short story competition were announced and the three major prizes: third prize �250; second prize �500 and first prize �1000 were awarded. The top five stories have now been made available in audio format. The results together with links to the stories are as follows:

1st prize was awarded to: Optimism is the Faith by Nick Gleeson
2nd prize was awarded to: Journey Into Oneness by Anne Bliss
3rd prize was awarded to: A Voice Saved Her Life by Ivy-Jo
4th place went to: A Global Voice by David Arocho
5th place went to: A Christmas List by David William Uhlman

Congratulations to our 3 prize winners and our thanks go to all those who submitted stories for the competition.