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What’s New?

Album Pre-Release Event from TGV Productions

Chrissie Cochrane is about to release her latest album “Earworms”. To celebrate, we’re having a special pre-release event on Zoom, October 7 at 21:00 UTC (that’s 5:00 PM Eastern, 2:00 PM Pacific in the Americas, 10:00 PM in the UK, 11:00 PM in Central Europe.
During the event, Chrissie will play the album in its entirety, and answer your questions.
In addition, the event will also be broadcast on our TGV Extra pop-up stream.
To participate in the Zoom event, you must contact us via the form on the TGV Productions page with a request for the Zoom link.

Become a Broadcaster

Interested in becoming a broadcaster with us? We now have a page that gives you all the information you need to know. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

New REAPER Course

TGV Training, a division of TGV Productions, is proud to introduce REAPER Made Easy, a new on-going course for blind and visually impaired users of the popular REAPER digital audio workstation software.
Click on the above link for more information.

Listening Options

We are aware that the above embedded player isn’t working with certain browsers. Because of this, we recommend using any of the following alternate methods to listen to the station.

PC (Broadband Connection Required)

You can use a compatible player to tune in. Simply click on the appropriate link for your preferred player:

iOS Devices (including iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch)

You can listen to us on the iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch by using a variety of apps available from the App store, including TuneIn Radio, Sero by Serotek, or ooTunes.
Note that for legal reasons, The Global Voice is unavailable via TuneIn Radio in the UK. We recommend listening with ooTunes instead.

Talking Book Players with Internet Radio Capabilities

We can be heard via the Victor Reader Stream and Victor Reader Trek products from HumanWare in the English: North America Internet Radio listing.

Direct URL

If you want to listen using a player or device which requires the direct URL to the stream, it is:

Please note that this URL is for putting into a player. You should not visit it in your web browser. Also, a broadband connection is required.

By Telephone

Simply call either the UK or North America number given below and listen to The Global Voice on your telephone. (Long distance charges apply for both numbers.)

  • UK: +44 0330-010-2922
  • North America: +1 (804) 220-6540

Please check back soon for more listening options.

TGV Productions

Are you a songwriter, a musician, or perhaps a poet who might like their verse set to music? Then TGV Productions can help you in many ways.
Click on the above link for more information and samples of our work.

Live Chat With Us

Below is our web-based chat room, where you can communicate with us live anytime. However, we ask that you please keep the following rules in mind:

  1. Keep the discussion family friendly.
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In other words, use common sense when chatting. Failure to comply with the above rules will result in being banned from the room.

If you would like to create a profile for the chat room, do the following:

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