Have you always wanted to host a radio show? Do you have a passion for a certain genre of music and want to share it with the rest of the world?
If so, you’ve come to the right place! The Global Voice is always looking for new live or pre-recorded shows in any language. But before you dive in, we ask that you please read the rest of this page carefully to familiarize yourself with some very important rules.

What We’re Looking For

The Global Voice is a professionally-run, family-friendly Internet Radio station. We are always looking for broadcasters who are confident, creative, intelligent, independent, and that have a positive attitude. If you’ve had experience broadcasting at another station, commercial or otherwise, that’s even better!
You should have intermediate or greater experience using your computer and, if necessary, any adaptive equipment such as screen readers, Braille displays, magnification aids, etc.

Note: If you play music that makes extensive use of profane lyrics, we kindly ask that clean edits be substituted whenever possible.

What We Are NOT Looking For

It probably goes without saying, but as The Global Voice is a family-oriented radio station, we will not accept shows featuring violent, racist, abusive or obscene content.

What Software Do You Need?

If you wish to present a live show, we ask that you have experience broadcasting using either of the following:

  • WinAmp along with the ShoutCast plugin and other tools/plugins.
  • Specialized software such as StationPlaylist Studio or Creator.
  • Other broadcast software is acceptable.

For pre-recorded shows, you must be proficient with your chosen sound editor, such as Sound Forge, GoldWave, REAPER, etc. Again, we’re looking for high-quality material.

The Audition Process

Before we can accept you as a new broadcaster on the station, we will need to audition you. For pre-recorded shows, we ask that you submit a sample show at least half an hour in length so we can determine if it will be appropriate for the station.
For live shows, we will contact you to arrange a time when you can do a live test broadcast for us. Be sure to provide us with accurate information so we can contact you with any comments/suggestions.

Note: All decisions made upon receipt of your sample show, or after a live audition, are final.

What Happens After Your Audition Is Approved?

Upon approval of your audition, we will email you a copy of the TGV Staff Agreement, as well as instructions on how to subscribe to our Staff email list.
Please do NOT subscribe to the list until you have fully read, and understood, the rules outlined in the Staff Agreement.
By subscribing to the list, you certify that you have read and understand the agreement.

Ready to Proceed?

If you’re ready to proceed, or have any questions, please fill in the form on our Contact Us page. If you’re applying to be a broadcaster, please provide as much information about your show as possible, including its genre, length, and whether it will be live or pre-recorded. In the case of a pre-recorded program, be sure to also include a link to a sample broadcast. We will do our best to get back to you as soon as possible.