Downloading and Listening

Each session on this page is provided as a zip file. When you extract them, you’ll find each session has been split into topics, along with links to other useful resources.

Getting Started with Compression

Join Scott, JennyK and Justin for REAPER Made Easy’s deepest dive yet. This session is all things compression, a hearty mixture of analytical listening, advice and demonstration of how compressors can be helpful in musical and sound design contexts. Be sure to check the Links and Extras folder, you’ll find some excellent descriptive additions from Paul Warner.
Download Getting Started with Compression

Getting Started with Audio Restoration

Derek Lane joined us to share how he got into audio restoration, tips on how to cope with less than optimal recording environments, and he showed how choosing a microphone with the pickup pattern that suits your situation can be a huge help. Then we moved into the nitty-gritty of sprucing and restoring some difficult recordings, mostly with stock, free and cheap tools. As always, there are plenty of audio demonstrations throughout.
Download Getting Started with Audio Restoration

Intro to Editing with Justin and Scott

Whether you’re new to editing in general or you’re switching to doing it in REAPER, Justin and Scott have got your back. This session starts with examples of good recording techniques for capturing dialog, highlights a few things to watch out for, then a thorough dive into the nuts and bolts of editing. Follow along, practice these techniques, they’ll get you slicing and dicing like an audio chef.
Download Intro to Editing with Justin and Scott

Getting Started with EQ

Scott and Jen are here to help demystify EQ (equalization). This session starts from ground zero, explains what EQ is, when you might want to use it, and spends plenty of time demonstrating practical ways you can do that. We haven’t heard a comprehensive audio walkthrough of the frequency spectrum like this anywhere else.
Download Getting Started with EQ
Shout out to Danielle H for letting us use one of her big pop bangers, check out the lyric video for ‘Problem’ on YouTube

Looping part 1 with Justin Macleod

In this stream, Justin covers a bunch of workflows for looping sound effects and music, as well as some tricks that’ll often help to spice up uninspiring loops. Listen in, follow along.
Download Looping part 1 with Justin Macleod

Looping part 2 with Justin and Scott

Justin is going loopy again, this time with Scott along for the ride. In this session, you’ll find deeper dives into sound selection, useful REAPER preference tweaks, more on stutter edits, looping pads/drones, a refresher on Loop Section Source workflows and more musical examples thrown in along the way.
Download Looping part 2 with Justin and Scott

Getting Started with Surge XT, a free and wonderfully accessible open source synthesizer

On this stream, guest hosts Chris (Windows) and Piotr (Mac) joined us to provide an introduction to Surge XT. If you’d like to get into tweaking synth sounds, this is a great place to start. Listen in and follow along as Chris covers core concepts of subtractive synthesis by designing a bass patch from scratch, spruces it up with filters and effects, shows you how to modulate sounds with hands-on control and so much more.
Download Getting Started with Surge XT

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