REAPER is an accessible and affordable digital audio workstation (DAW).
All over the world, musicians, producers, podcasters, sound designers and other content creators are composing, recording, editing, mixing and mastering their projects in REAPER.

On the following pages , you’ll find an expanding collection of free training content, all tailored toward using REAPER with screen reader software. We’re calling it the REAPER Made Easy project.
Our tutorials start right from ground zero, getting you familiarised with some essential concepts and terminology, then guiding you through installing REAPER along with a couple of extensions to make it as accessible as can be.
The majority of the tutorials we make can be followed on either Windows or Mac, but wherever there are significant differences, we’ll cover both perspectives.

Installing and Optimizing on Windows or Mac

Start with these tutorials if you’re new to REAPER. Follow along with us as we obtain and install everything needed for the most accessible experience. You will also find other handy guides for beginners, like our OSARA Configuration walk-through, switching input language and optimizing Voiceover on Mac.
Installing and Optimizing

Deep-dives and Demos

IN this section, you’ll find deep-dives into editing, looping, audio restoration, compression, EQ and more.
Deep-dives and Demos

Aartist and Production Spotlights

Our sessions where we dig into the mindsets and processes of artists, songwriters, sound designers and producers.
Artist and Production Spotlights

Meet Our Supporters

On this page, we’ll be shouting out the fine folk who – with their drive, technical knowhow, or financial support – make this project possible.
You’ll also find the various ways you can support us, just in case you wanna jump on that list.
Meet our Supporters

Join our Live Meet-ups

On the last Saturday of each month, we run an open Q&A session called “I’m Perplexed, what’s Next”, where questions from newcomers get top priority. We help as many people as we can with as much as we can for a couple of hours each time. It’s a fun and friendly hang where everyone learns together, we’d love to have you along for the ride!
check when the next meet-up is (opens in a new tab).

More resources

The resources in this section aren’t part of the REAPER Made Easy project, but we’re happy to vouch for everything included here as being solid sources of information. If we don’t have a topic you’re interested in covered yet, check these places next.
Download Ten Typical Tasks with Scott: bite-sized tutorials
Reapers Without Peepers: a super supportive support group (opens in a new tab)
Toni Barth Music on YouTube, excellent tutorials and reviews (opens in a new tab)
REAPER Accessibility Wiki: articles in English and Spanish (opens in a new tab)
REAPER home page (opens in a new tab)
SWS home page (opens in a new tab)
OSARA Snapshots page (opens in a new tab)

Send Us Feedback

Feel free to get in touch with feedback on the content you’ve heard, and share thoughts on what you’d like to hear us covering in future. We’re especially interested in hearing what you’ve created after following along with our lessons, send us links to whatever you’ve got cookin’!
Scott and JennyK read every message, and if you’re particularly unlucky, Scott might reply to yours.

    Supporting the REAPER Made Easy project

    TGV Productions has provided sponsorship to get the REAPER Made Easy project rolling. Our goal is to bring the expertise available within the community that’s developed around REAPER accessibility to a wider audience. We aim to pay contributors to the project fair rates to cover their time, but our pockets aren’t bottomless. If you appreciate this project and are in a position to chip in your support, you can contribute via PayPal or CashApp.
    Your support will help us to pay our instructors a reasonable hourly production rate as they’re feverishly beavering away on new standalone content, as well as compensating the hosts, presenters and editors who pull together to provide our live streams. To be clear, nobody is getting filthy rich on this gig, we simply intend to pay people fairly for good work.
    Absolutely any amount that’s comfortable for you to contribute will be appreciated. If you can’t support us financially, spreading the word that this resource is here, and helping us shape future content with your feedback are both great ways to help.
    Thanks in advance for any support, however you decide to get involved.