Making Your Music the Very Best it Can Be

The Global Voice has a worldwide production team second to none and it's this we are putting at your disposal.

Are you a song writer, a musician, or perhaps a poet who might like their verse set to music? Then TGV Productions can help you in many ways.

How do we operate?

Firstly, write to
stating your requirements. For example, you are a singer/song writer who needs good professional backing music for your carefully crafted song: or you're a musician who might want help with production.

What happens next?

Our production team will review your request and get back to you via email or, if you use it, via Skype in order to discuss your requirements.

We then work with you, exchanging files over the Internet, to hone your production to the best it can possibly be. Through all stages you make the final decisions.

What Services can we Offer?

Once your music or verse has been produced to the highest standards, then it is up to you. You can have the final result as a .wav or high quality mp3 file or you can have us distribute your track or tracks to the following online media outlets;

What do we charge for this service?

Our rates are for the completed track or tracks.

For one single track for your own use we charge $10 per track or $50 for a complete album (up to 70 minutes in length.)

If you wish your music to be published and distributed to online music outlets, the cost is $20 per single track and $75 for an album (up to 70 minutes in length.)

Note: Tracks for submission to online music outlets must be original material. We are not able to publish cover versions of copyrighted material.

Who are our highly skilled producers?

Steve Matzura

I've been playing piano since before I could read. My formal lessons began at age five and continued up through the end of high school.

I've been placed in national piano competitions, performed a personal recital in my graduate year, formed and played in several rock and lounge bands, taught beginning piano to elementary-school students and have done session work on a number of my friends' recordings.

I now play primarily for my own amusement on some vintage synthesizers which I've connected to my computer.

I've been involved with Internet radio practically since it was invented in the late 90's. I host a classic and progressive rock show on The Global Voice and provide support for the broadcast server as the station's technical advisor.

Kelly Sapergia

I'm a musician and broadcaster from Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan, Canada. I frequently perform at various Seniors' homes in the Moose Jaw area playing accordion and piano.

I compose and produce music for a variety of applications in my home studio, using computer software and keyboards.

I also host two shows on The Global Voice, as wellas being the production Director for the station.

For more information, please visit my website at

Jorgen Hansson

I was born on a cold, wintry evening in January 1976. The weather was evidently a sign of things to come as I arrived with a variety of birth defects that threatened my fragile little life.

These birth defects resulted in disabilities Iíve adjusted to throughout the years. The only person convinced I would survive and overcome these obstacles was my mother.

I was born blind with the ability to distinguish between light and darkness and a few bright colors but I was never able to read and learned Braille for school. I have a second disability, Aspergerís Syndrome. A form of Autism that commonly leaves a person with one special interest or incredible talent. As it turns out, mine is music and everything related to it.

As a small boy I was intrigued by music and the way it felt when I was near a stereo speaker. I was constantly surrounded by music and singing in the house and I seemed to respond to rhythmic beats. I remember standing on the tops of our stereo speakers so I could feel the music rise up through my feet into my body.

On my 2nd birthday I got my first organ and was soon playing childrenís songs. I must have been a pain to my big brother Stefan who was 4 at the time. Itís a good thing he liked cars more than instruments, we never fought over toys. Over the years Stefan was a big help with my sound engineering education and we even play in a band together. Thanks Stefan!

I continued to teach myself to play new instruments and I learned everything I could about recording and mixing. In 1999 I graduated from Liljeholmens Music College, a leading center of music education in southern Sweden.

My music career has brought so many wonderful people into my life I wish I had space to thank them all here. However, there are a few I want to acknowledge who have played a huge part in my personal and professional development.

The first is Henrik Magnusson. He was my personal assistant and a fellow musician. We sang and composed together and he traveled with me extensively. We miss him deeply. His huge, giving heart failed him in 2005 and he passed at the young age of 34.

Then there is my "Summer." Jeanette Rosenqvist, who entered my life like a ray of sunshine when she discovered my studio in the basement of her work place. Jeanette is a singer and songwriter and we have collaborated on many songs. I consider her a great personal friend.

And finally, British Pop Star, John Kincade. Iíve trained with many coaches but Johnís methods advanced my understanding of voice and proper singing technique more than I could have imagined possible. My deepest thanks to all of you for touching my life in such positive ways.

Chrissie Cochrane

I have worked for many years as a professional musician, primarly on keyboards and vocals and have gained a considerable amount of experience of studio work including production.

At present, all my production work is done using a Yamaha Tyros 3 work station and a multi-track editor on a high spec computer.

You can purchase my album - Almost Country - at the following link


Listen to some Examples of our work

Please use the links below to download or listen to tracks that were produced by those mentioned above, in conjunction with the individual vocalists. the tracks were all entries in our Global Voice competition in 2012.

Janaleen Wolfe - I Have a Dream
Johanna Herranen - Circle of the Old
Maini Sorri - Moira
Natascha Heinhaus - Give Me What I Need
Tim Cumings - Sentamental Reasons

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