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The Attitude Test

The Attitude Test is a weekly program on which we discuss, but often stray from, a given topic. Listeners are very welcome to join in the discussion or raise a topic of their own.

Important note: TeamTalk is no longer being used on The Attitude Test and has been replaced with an application called Zoom. If using Zoom, please try to ensure that you mute your microphone when not contributing to the show. Doing this will ensure that unwanted background noise is not broadcast.

You can participate in Sunday's live edition of the show using Zoom. The details for accessing Zoom and the meeting room are as follows:

1. To join from PC, Mac, Linux, iOS or Android,:
use the following link, or, copy and paste the URL into your web browser

If you don't already have the Zoom client installed this link will take you to the web page where you'll be shown the link to download the client and after you've filled in a few details you'll be automatically entered into the room.

If you already have the Zoom application installed, using the above link will automatically put you in The Attitude Test meeting room, which means it can be used repeatedly. the link is specific to The Attitude Test and, under normal circumstances, won't change from week to week.

2. You can also access the room by phone in the USA: Dial +1 669 900 6833
+1 646 558 8665

You will need the 10 digit meeting ID, which is:

Alternatively, you can participate in the show by email at
or by Twitter

How to subscribe to The Attitude Test podcast

For podcatchers like Juice or the Accessible Podcatcher
For ITunes

For Podcatchers like Juice or The Accessible Podcatcher

To subscribe to The Attitude Test podcast, simply add the following information to your RSS/podcatcher software, as a new feed and you're set to go!

For ITunes

To subscribe to The Attitude Test podcast using ITunes, do the following:

1. Copy the following line of text to the clipboard.

2. go to the ITunes window and press the alt key to bring up the "File" menu.

3. Down arrow to "Subscribe To Podcast" and press "Enter".

4. Paste the line of text you copied to the clipboard in step 1 into the edit box.

5. Tab to the OK button and press enter. That's it, You're subscribed.

Thanks for listening

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Last updated 05 November 2018

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